Recent Books Minichiello, V.,Scott, J.  (eds), Male Sex Work and Society, Harrington Park Press/Columbia University Press, New York, 2014. Minichiello, V., Kottler, J. (eds), Qualitative Journeys: Student and Mentor Experiences with Research, Sage, 2009. Minichiello, V., Aroni, R., Hays, T. In-depth Interviewing, 3rd edition, Pearson/Prentie Hall, 2008. Minichiello, V., Coulson,[…]

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Book Chapters

Islam, Md Shahidul., Scott, J., Minichiello, V. ‘Children’s experiences of living with HIV-positive parents within the family context of Bangladesh’, In P Liamputtong (ed), Children, Young People and Living with HIV/AIDS: A Cross-cultural Perspective, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Springer, 2016:43-63. Fileborn, B., Jones, T., Minichiello., V, ‘Identity, sexuality and stigma in[…]

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Journal Articles

Refereed Journal Articles Lyons, A., Alba, B., Heywood, W., Fileborn, B., Minichiello, V., Barrett, C., Hinchliff, S., Malta, S., Dow, B.  ‘Experiences of ageism and the mental health of older adults’, Aging & Mental Health  (2017, Heywood, W., Lyons, A., Fileborn, B., Hinchliff, S., Minichiello, V., Malta, S., Barrett,[…]

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Publication in ‘The Conversation’

Articles Fileborn, B., Hawkes, G., Pitts, M., Thorpe, R., Minichiello, V. ‘Sex, desire and pleasure in later life: Australian women’s experiences’. The Conversation, January, 2015. Scott, J., Minichiello, V. ‘Mining, sex work and STIs: Why force a connection?‘. The Conversation, August, 2012. Minichiello, V., Dune, T. ‘From homophobia to homophilia:[…]

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