Recent Books Scott, J., Grov, C., Minichiello, V. (eds), Male Sex Work and Society (Volume 2): From Contemporary Perspective to Emerging Trends,  Harrington Park Press/Columbia University Press, New York, in press 2020. Minichiello, V.,Scott, J.  (eds), Male Sex Work and Society, Harrington Park Press/Columbia University Press, New York, 2014. Minichiello,[…]

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Book Chapters

Rashidian, M., Minichiello, V., Ghamsary, M.  ‘Western, Asian, and Middle Eastern societies’ cultural attitudes and barriers impacting the management of sexual health care’, In D Rowland, E. Jannini (ed), Cultural Differences and the Practice of Sexual Medicine: A Guide for Health Practitioners, Springer, in press, 2020. Disogra, C., Minichiello, V.,[…]

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Journal Articles

Refereed Journal Articles Heywood, W., Minichiello, V., Lyons, A., Fileborn, B., Hussain, R., Hinchliff, S., Malta, S., Barrett, C., Dow, B. ‘The impact of experiences of ageism on sexual activity and interest in later life’, Ageing & Society, 2019, 39,4:794-814. Waling, A., Lyons, A., Alba, B., Minichiello, V., Barrett, C.,[…]

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Publication in ‘The Conversation’

Articles Fileborn, B., Hawkes, G., Pitts, M., Thorpe, R., Minichiello, V. ‘Sex, desire and pleasure in later life: Australian women’s experiences’. The Conversation, January, 2015. Scott, J., Minichiello, V. ‘Mining, sex work and STIs: Why force a connection?‘. The Conversation, August, 2012. Minichiello, V., Dune, T. ‘From homophobia to homophilia:[…]

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