Current Research Projects

Professor Minichiello’s research interests include gerontology, health sociology, sexual health and public health.  He has published over 200 research articles in international medical, health and social sciences journals and written/edited ten books on ageing, sexual health, sexuality, and research methods.

He has been the principal investigator in major program and research grant proposals that have been successful in attracting over $40,000,000 from competitive funding bodies, including research collaboration in Canada with the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria.

His current research projects include:

  • A project which explores how older people make sense of the experience of ageism, including an ARC funded project that investigates sexual health in later life, and another ARC study that looks at the health experiences of older gay and lesbian people
  • A project which examines why some health professionals are more likely to adopt, in their patient consultations, public health approaches aimed at preventing sexually transmitted diseases in Australia, USA and Vietnam
  • An international public health project which firstly, describes the oral/dental needs of ethnic aged persons and secondly, evaluates the outcome of an intervention program in promoting dental/oral health in this population. A collaborative Canadian funded project (CIHR) that examines the oral health needs of senior Chinese people in 6 cities, including Vancouver and Melbourne
  • A project which examines the predictors of safe sex outcomes in commercial sex industry. A related project focuses on a cross-national study which describes the sex work context in cities in Argentina and Australia, and more recently, two funded ARC funded projects that investigates the experiences of male clients and escorts, including how they use Prep in their lives
  • An ARC project that investigates the sexual identity and life long experiences and relationships of older women
  • In-depth interviewing as a tool for collecting data

Professor Minichiello has successfully supervised more than 50 higher degree research projects using surveys, quasi-experimental designs, qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups.