Argentina – Australia Binational Collaboration

The Argentina – Australia Binational Collaboration is a collaborative partnership between the governments, universities, national scientific organisations and the private sector in the two southern hemisphere nations.

This strategic collaboration has its beginnings in a successful mission to Australia in August 2012, where delegates from Argentina met with representatives from Australian universities and the Australian government. In response to the mission, the collaboration was developed at the successful Argentina–Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop held in Argentina in May 2013.

With the advent of high speed broadband, the ‘tyranny of distance’ is no longer the insurmountable barrier it once was. The global university sector is increasingly competitive in this new online world however it is also facilitating opportunity for strategic collaborations such as this.  The purpose of the Argentine- Australia Binational Collaboration is to identify and explore opportunities for research and innovation between our two countries with a particular focus on fostering scientific and technological collaboration.

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