Career Overview


University Training and Degrees Held

  • PhD, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University (Australia), 1988
  • M.A. Gerontology, Northwestern University (USA), 1983
  • M.A. Sociology (Thesis), McMaster University (Canada), 1981
  • B.A. (Honours), Sociology, McGill University (Canada), 1979


Current Appointments

  • Adjunct Professor, School of Social Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology (2015+)
  • Emeritus Professor, University of New England, Australia (2013+)

Former Positions

  • Adjunct Professor at The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2013-2019)
  • Auditor, Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Association (TEQSA) (2013-2019)
  • Senior International Advisor & Visiting Professor (2008-2019) to the Dean of Faculty of Public Health, Naresuan University, Thailand
  • Senior Faculty Member (2008-2019), National Centre of Expertise on Hospital and Health Service Management, Naresuan University, Thailand
  • Conjoint Professor, School of Medicine & Public Health, University of Newcastle, Australia (2013-2018)
  • Section Editor, BMC Public Health (2011-2016)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Faculty of The Professions, University of New England (2007-2013)
  • Visiting Professor, Ministry of Education and Training, Government of Vietnam, Training Course for Leaders of Universities and Colleges of Vietnam, (2009-2014)
  • Australian Universities Quality Agency, (2010 – 2011)
  • College of Experts, Australian Research Council, (2009-2011)
  • Executive Dean (2002-2006), Faculty of Education, Health and Professional Studies, University of New England
  • Head, School of Health, University of New England (1996 – 2001)
  • Professor in Health, University of New England (2002+)
  • Associate Professor in Health (1996-2001)
School of Health, University of New England
  • Senior Lecturer in Public Health (1989–1995), School of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University
  • Gerontology Coordinator (1989–1995)
School of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University
  • Principal Research Associate in Gerontology (1989–1995)
ARC Key Centre in Gerontology, La Trobe University
  • Hononary Fellow in Research Methods (1986–1992)
ACSPRI Summer Program in Social Research Methods and Research Technology, Australian National University
  • Guest Lecturer (1991–1993)
Graduate Diploma in Venereology, Monash Medical School
  • Acting Director of the Australian Research Council (1988–1989)
Key Centre in Gerontology, La Trobe University
  • Lecturer in Health Sociology/Public Health (1986–1988)
School of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University
  • Lecturer in Research Methods (1985)
Department of Social and Political Studies, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Research Scholar (1982 – 1985)
Ageing and the Family Project, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University


Summary of Key Leadership Achievements

Publications: Author of over 220 books, chapters in books and articles in refereed national and international health, medical and social sciences journals. Invited Guest Editor of a number of Special Issues of Australian and international scientific journals. A high citation rate with the Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

A copy of Victor Minichiello’s publications can be downloaded and printed from ResearchGate, Go to

Program and Research Funding: Principal investigator in major program and research grant proposals that have been successful in attracting over $40,000,000 from competitive funding bodies, including international research collaboration.

h-index score of 51, and i10-index score of 158 and Research Gate score 40 (as of 06/2023).

Academic Leadership: Extensive academic experience and leadership in the higher education sector. Champion for interdisciplinary teaching and research collaboration. Appointed as a College of Expert of the Australian Research Council. Auditor of Australian Universities Quality Agency and External Expert of TEQSA. Appointed Professor through promotion application. Co-Chair of the establishment of the Joint Bachelor of Medicine between UNE and University of Newcastle. Responsible for the development of the School of Rural Medicine at UNE. Negotiated with the Deputy Prime Minister/Commonwealth Minister for Transport and Regional Services the funding for and establishment of the National Centre of Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia. Chairperson of a University wide working party responsible for the development and establishment of the Key Centre in Gerontology funded by the Australian Research Council. Chairperson of a joint La Trobe–Monash Universities and Fairfield Hospital working party for preparing a research grant program successfully funded by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation for the establishment of the Centre for the Study of Sexually Transmissible Diseases. UNE negotiator for developing the University of Newcastle–UNE collaboration for the establishment of the Commonwealth funded University Department of Rural Health in Tamworth. Executive member of the International Sociological Association Research on Ageing Committee and the National Venereology Council of Australia. Chairperson of a number of curriculum committees. Invited board member and assessor of national and international journals, books and research funding bodies. Associate Editor of BioMedical Central (Public Health), Educational Gerontology: An International Journal (based in the United States), founding Editor of the ARC Lincoln Papers in Gerontology, and Co-editor of Venereology: The Interdisciplinary, International Journal of Sexual Health and member of various journal boards.

Management Leadership: Leadership as Head of School, Executive Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor, with extensive senior management leadership experience at school/faculty/university levels.  This has included, for example, academic responsibility for schools of Medicine, Law, Health, Education, Business and Economics; developing, implementing and evaluating quality improvement for teaching and research; developing strategic alliances with partners; writing major reports, government submissions and policy documents; developing strategic plans in relation to teaching and learning, research and international and community programs; and managing budgets and staffing, including recruitment and performance evaluations.

Teaching & Learning Leadership: Managed the development, coordination and evaluation process for both domestic and offshore courses/programs in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal. Managed the quality assurance (AUQA) field visit to international teaching partner sites. Postgraduate research supervisor to over 50 students who are undertaking or have successfully completed minor research theses, Master by Research and PhD projects. Invited assessor for post-graduate accreditation courses. Examiner of over 30 Masters and PhD theses. Invited guest lecturer/seminar presenter to Australian and overseas universities, professional bodies and community groups. Invited consultant to provide specialised education programs. Subject coordinator of public health, research methods, gerontology, health policy and sociology of health and illness units at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Extensive curriculum leadership, including coordinator of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Conference Presentations: Presenter of papers at over 100 national and international scientific conferences. Convenor of the International Sociological Association, Research on Ageing Intercongress Meetings. Convenor of 1st and 3rd ARC National Workshop on Gerontological Education, Research and Practice, funded by the Australian Research Council Key Centre in Gerontology, which involved a national conference on Third Age Learning.

Public Profile: Results of research findings have been widely reported in the media, such as Current Affairs, BBC, ABC and front page headlines of national newspapers.

Area of Expertise: Published on topics related to health promotion, research methodology, public health, gerontology, oral health, sexual health and health policy/health workforce.


Quality Leadership Profile

Score consistently above international average on QLP items related to staff motivation and involvement, promoting the organisation’s achievements, activities and image, making decisions, takes a stand on different issues, enthuses and empowers other to bring ideas to fruition, promotes innovation and continuous improvement, openly recognizes team efforts and monitors major systems such as the budget and strategic plans.

Specifically, staff ranks Professor Minichiello above international average with respect to:

Responds to staff in a sympathetic manner; listens to people and is open to new ideas; encourages a productive team environment; develops a sense of camaraderie amongst team members; follows through on decisions and plans; encourages staff to look for new ways of working; articulates a clear vision of the future; models a high service ethic; provides professional advice to staff; and supports and rewards excellence in research.


Administrative Leadership (1987+)

  • 2011+ Australian Coordinator, Argentina – Australia Binational Agreement Project
  • 2011-2013 Chair, Joint Medical Program Governance Committee University of Newcastle and University of New England
  • 2011-2013 University Representative, Regional University Network Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic Meeting
  • 2011-2013 Member, University of New England Project Control Board
  • 2011-2013 Chair, University of Western Sydney and University of New England Cross Institutional Enrolment Steering Committee
  • 2010-2013 University Representative, Universities Australia Deputy and Pro Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic) Meeting
  • 2008-2013 Co-chair, JMP Finance Committee, University of Newcastle and University of New England
  • 2007-2013 Member, Joint Medical Program Governance Committee, University of Newcastle and University of New England
  • 2005-06 Co-Chair, UNE/University of Newcastle Joint Medical Program Committee
  • 2006-2013 Member, National Centre of Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia Advisory Committee, UNE
  • 2002-2013 Chair, Faculty Standing Committee, UNE
  • 2002-2013 Chair, Faculty Resource Committee, UNE
  • 2002-2013 Member, Vice Chancellor Committee, UNE
  • 2003-2013 Member, Entrepreneurial Committee, UNE
  • 2002-2013 Member, Space Committee, UNE
  • 2001-02 Member, University Research Committee, University of New England.
  • 2001 Member, University Committee for Planning the Vice Chancellor Strategic Forms, UNE.
  • 2000 Member, Decanal Committee for the Re-appointment of Dean, UNE.
  • 1999-2013 Member, Promotion Committee, UNE.
  • 1996-02 Chair, School of Health Management Committee, UNE.
  • 1996-02 Chair, School of Health Committee, UNE.
  • 1996-02 Member, Faculty Executive Committee, Faculty of Education Health and Professional Studies, UNE.
  • 1996-02 Member, Faculty Research Committee, UNE.
  • 1996-02 Member, Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee, UNE.
  • 1996+ Member, Academic Board, University of New England.
  • 1994-95 Acting Head, School of Public Health, La Trobe University.
  • 1991-92 Elected Member, Board of Studies, Lincoln School of Health Sciences, La Trobe University.
  • 1991-96 Member, Lincoln Gerontology Centre Management Committee.
  • 1990-93 Member, AIDS Advisory Committee, La Trobe University.
  • 1990-93 Member, Faculty of Health Sciences Research Committee, La Trobe University.
  • 1990-94 Member, Resource Committee, School of Behavioural Health Sciences, La Trobe University.
  • 1989-94 Chair, Master of Gerontology Advisory Committee, Lincoln School of Health Sciences, La Trobe University.
  • 1989 Chairperson, Master of Gerontology by Coursework Course Development Committee, School of Health Sciences, La Trobe University.
  • 1989-92 Member, Graduate Studies Course Committee, Department of Nursing, la Trobe University.
  • 1989-92 Member, Bachelor of Nursing Course Committee, Department of Nursing, La Trobe University.
  • 1988-95 Acting Director, ARC Key Centre in Gerontology, La Trobe University.
  • 1988-92 Chairperson, Lincoln Gerontology Centre for Education and Research Steering Committee, La Trobe University.
  • 1987-92 Member, Graduate Diploma in Gerontology Course Advisory Committee, La Trobe University.
  • 1987-94 Coordinator, Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, Lincoln School of Health Sciences, La Trobe University.


Academic Leadership

Journal Editorship/Editorial Board
  • BioMedical Central, Section Editor (2012+)
  • BioMedical Central, Associate Editor (2010-2011)
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2010+)
  • Australasian Journal on Ageing (Editorial Board, 2002+)
  • Australian Journal of Primary Health (Editorial Board, 1997-2004)
  • Educational Gerontology: An International Journal (Associate Editor, 1994-2006)
  • Venereology (Editor, 1994–98)
  • Journal of Sociology (2005-2008)
  • Lincoln Papers in Gerontology (Co-editor, 1987-95)
Grant Assessor
  • Australian Research Council
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Commonwealth Department Health and Family Services
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Victoria Department of Human Services
  • Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
  • World Health Organization

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Successful Completion

Bachelor of Health Science, Honours
  • Scott Campbell, ‘Professional and personal responses of paramedics exposed to child death’
Master by Coursework, Minor Thesis
  • Jan Browne, ‘Understanding condom usage among a sample of heterosexual men and women’
  • Vicky Cowling, ‘Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowledge, confidence in sexual situations and unsafe sex behaviour in two groups of University students’
  • Vanda Fortunato, ‘Homosexuality, ageing and social support’
  • Jenny Gold, ‘Enculturation and change: Its effect on mid-aged women’s lifestyles and their life’
  • Victoria Jones, ‘Developing family resilience when a member has or has had cancer’
  • Thea Scott, ‘Secondary school student’s knowledge and attitudes to older people and perceptions of care-giving and carer preferences’
  • Aynne Thatcher, ‘Factors influencing nurses’ attitudes toward working with older people’
  • Louis Wong, ‘How do older people socially manage incontinence?’
Master by Research Thesis
  • Lyn Bartlett, ‘The experience of self esteem in women with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder’
  • David Briggs, ‘Models of care in small rural communities’
  • Jan Browne, ‘Male sex workers: Safe sex interactions and social contexts’
  • Karen Fisher, ‘A qualitative study exploring nurses’ perceptions of their interactions with patients regarding sexual issues’
  • Sally Hunter, ‘The counsellor’s perspective of the satisfaction, challenges, responsibilities and risks involved in the therapeutic bond’
  • Lois Hart, ‘Making sense of the acoustic neuroma social experience’
  • Virginia Kelly, ‘Mothers connecting’
  • Anne Seal, ‘Young women, sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases’
  • Dorothy Ratnarajah, ‘The construction of meaning following parental suicide’
  • Mary Yong, ‘Tai Chi and the inner emotional expressions of people living with HIV’
Doctoral Thesis
  • Randolph Bowers, ‘Counselling in the margins: Addressing sexual and gender difference and homophobia in therapy’
  • Jan Browne, ‘Sexual health discourses between patients and doctors’
  • Heather Buchanan, ‘Body mapping: Self-reflective views of student musicians’
  • Gary Day, ‘The determinants of staff morale among registered nurses in a convenience sample of acute health care facilities’
  • Beth de la Rue, ‘The lives of elderly widowed women who live on the land: A life history approach’
  • Khoi Dang Do, ‘Managing Sexually Transmissible Infections in Clinical Practice in Vietnam’
  • Jean Evans, ‘ Cystic fibrosis: Shaping an information model to meet the needs of patient and carers’
  • Karin Fisher, ‘Understanding Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Rural Communities: A quantitative and qualitative approach’
  • Graham Fulton, ‘Realities of living with a life-threatening illness: An analysis of the influences of discourse on illness experience and imagined futures’
  • Kathrine Grover, ‘An Australian whistleblowing experience in healthcare: A case study of six women from the New South Wales public health system who were labelled by the media as whistleblower nurses’
  • Terrence Hays, ‘The importance and meaning of music in the lives of older people’
  • Asad Khan, ‘Managing sexually transmissible infections in clinical practice:  Evidence from New South Wales, Australia’
  • Rasheda Khanam ‘Migrant Populations: Socio-cutural Dynamics and the Explanation for the Risk of HIV/AIDS Transmission in Bangladesh’
  • David Leary, ‘The experience of vulnerability, connectivity and resilience in males who engage in street-based sex work: A qualitative study’
  • Yosen Li, ‘Midlife career transitions for male scientists and engineers’
  • Deb Loxton, ‘The health impact of domestic violence on mid-aged Australian women’
  • Paul McCann, ‘The pressures of modern manhood: The role of homophobia in shaping the gender and sexual identities of Australian men’
  • Donald McKenzie, ‘Using photographs to understand the experiences of older people migrating to and living in a New South Wales coastal town’
  • Elizabeth McKinley, ‘The spiritual dimension of ageing’
  • Myfanwy Maple, ‘Parental portraits of suicide: Narrating the loss of a young adult child’
  • Jeanne Madison, ‘Sexual harassment and Australian registered nurses’
  • Thi Mai Phuong Nguyen, ‘Promoting Academic Staff Capacity in Vietnamese Higher Education: Towards an Effective and Suystainable Development Model’
  • Denis O’Hara, ‘Psychotherapy integration: When theory meets practice’
  • Jae Eun Oh, ‘The impact of psychosocial development and attachment styles on subsequent partner selection and marital satisfaction in South Korea’
  • Glenda Parmenter, ‘The social lives of rural nursing home residents’
  • Dorothy Ratnarajah, ‘Sagas, suicides and sequels: Narratives of the family experience of suicide’
  • Mitra Rashidian, ‘Understanding the sexual-selves of Iranian-American women: A qualitative study’
  • Prawit Taytiwat, ‘Understanding the role of Thai community hospital directors in implementing the universal health coverage policy in relation to primary health care’
  • Tanongson Tienthavorn, ‘Managing pre-hospital emergency medical services of road traffic injuries in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand’
  • David Plummer, ‘Becoming homophobic: Aspects of the formation of modern male self’
  • Damien Ridge, ‘Why men still have unsafe sex’
  • Alan Scott, ‘Retirees in the 21st century: Coastal retirees’ experience of change’
  • Lyndal Spencer, ‘Quality of care for nursing home residents: Development, evaluation and review of clinical indicators of care’
  • Mohomammad Sakarneh, ‘The applicability of the NSW quality teaching model to the Jordanian primary school context’
  • Winston St-John, ‘From ambiguity to action: An insider’s perspective on the role of the community health nurse in Australia’
  • Rosemary Stynes, ‘Suicide therapy and living with HIV and AIDS: Infected and affected people’s narratives’
  • Annemarie Wilson, ‘How stories change: A qualitative analysis of the role of narrative in making sense of life transformation’
  • Grace Yung ‘Virginia Satir’s Enduring Legacy – Exploring her clinical supervision practices using Gadamer’s philosophical hermeneutics
  • Zilla Wooster, ‘The influence of personal, religious and spiritual beliefs on how individuals cope with dying and death’

Coordination and Teaching Leadership

Course Coordinator
  • UNE-California State University (Fullerton) PhD Co-ordinator, 2004-07 (external program delivered via residential schools and videoconferencing).
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of New England (UNE), 1996-2001.
  • Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, La Trobe University (LTU), 1986–95.
  • Graduate Diploma in Gerontology (course delivered on-line from 1999) and Master of Health Sciences (Gerontology), University of New England, 1996-, 2001.
  • Master of Gerontology, La Trobe University, 1989–95.
Undergraduate Unit Coordinator
  • Sociological Aspects of Health Care, Subject Coordinator (BS140, 26 LTU)
    • Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, Subject Coordinator (HS332 external, UNE)
    • Sociological Aspects of Health and Illness, Subject Coordinator (BS202, LTU)
    • Applied Research Methods (BH251, with K. Greenwood, LTU)
    • Complementary Therapies in the Health Care System, Subject Coordinator (HS422 external, UNE)
    • Introduction to Understanding the Person in a Social Context (HSNS152, with L. Fitzgerald, external, UNE)
    • Introduction to Gerontology, Subject Coordinator (GR300, LTU)
    • Introduction to Research Methods (BH151, with K. Greenwood, LTU)
    • Research Methods in Health, Subject Coordinator, (HS465 external and on-line, UNE)
    • Introduction to Behavioural Health Sciences (health sociology stream), (BH101, LTU)
Postgraduate Coursework
  • Sociological Aspects of Ageing, Subject Coordinator (GB104, LTU)
    • Social Policy, Planning and Administration, Subject Coordinator  (GB106, with H. Kendig, LTU)
    • Qualitative Research (HS455/555, Subject Coordinator, external, UNE)
    • Introduction to Qualitative Research Skills, Subject Coordinator (GB103, LTU)
    • Introduction to Gerontology (HSGR420, Subject Coordinator, external and on-line, UNE)
    • Management in Aged Care (HSHM349/449, Subject Coordinator, external, UNE)
    • Reading Unit (HS454/554 external, UNE)
    • Research Elective Studies, Subject Coordinator (GB111, LTU)


Other Professional Leadership

  • Invited Auditor, New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit, Institutional Audit, University of Otago.
  • 2007 Member, International Review Panel for Andrology Australia, Monash University
  • 2005+ University representative, NSW Institute for Health Research.
  • 2005-06 Member of Scientific Committee, NSW Rural Conference Australian Association of Gerontology NSW, Tamworth.
  • 2005 Member, International Review Panel for Andrology Australia, Monash University.
  • 2002+ Member, Advisory Committee, University Department of Rural Health, University of Newcastle.
  • 2001 Co-chair, University of Newcastle/University of New England Vice Chancellor’s Working Party for Tamworth University Department of Rural Health.
  • 1997 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1997 IUVDT HIV/STD World Congress and the 37Th IUVDT General Assembly.
  • 1997 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 3rd International Conference of the Biopsychosocial Aspects of HIV Infection
  • 1996-99 Treasurer, National Venereology Council of Australia.
  • 1996-98 NSW Health Public Health Task Force, NSW Health Department.
  • 1994-98 Member, Board of Management, Venereology Publishing Incorporation.
  • 1994-96 Executive Member, Australian Society for Behavioural Health and Medicine.
  • 1994-97 Executive Member Elect at Large, International Sociological Association Research on Aging Committee.
  • 1994-96 Delegate Member, National Venereology Council of Australia.
  • 1993-98 Member, Venereology Board of Management.
  • 1991-93 Member, Geriaction Victorian Committee.
  • 1991-92 Member, Bouverie Family Therapy Centre, HIV Course Advisory Committee.
  • 1991-92 Member, National HIV/AIDS Social Research Centre, Living with AIDS Research Working Party, University of Queensland.
  • 1990-92 Chairperson, National Gerontology Education Advisory Panel.
  • 1989  Chairperson, Bendigo College of Advanced Education Assessment Panel for the Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences.
  • 1989 Member, Older Persons Health Status Working Party, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.
  • 1988-91 Convenor, La Trobe-Monash Sexually Transmitted Diseases Centre Working Party.
  • 1987-88 Chairperson, Key Centre in Gerontology Working Party, La Trobe University.