The Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop was an international collaboration in the areas of technology and innovation covering telemedicine, agriculture, the environment, and eLearning technologies in Argentina on 8–10 May 2013.

A total of 10 potential projects were identified. These include:

  • involving farms in Argentina in SmartFarm program;
  • the creation of a global OT curriculum partnership courseware;
  • including Argentina in Australia’s IMedEd medical simulation project with UC Irvine;
  • collaboration with QuickSmart program to include Argentinian schools;
  • exploring curriculum collaboration in agribusiness;
  • extending the Commonwealth funded fibre-enabled Asia ConneXion project to include South America;
  • collaborating in the telehealth field;
  • involvement in SMEs with innovation product development;
  • piloting Smarter Safer Homes for Seniors in Argentina; and
  • targeting South American AusAid PhD scholarships to areas of UNE research priorities that are of interest and relevance to the Argentinian context.

The mission identified clear priorities for the visit and the projects above fall within the following 3 country-to-country priorities, broadly identifed as:

  1. agricultural science (including Agribusiness);
  2. ICT and fibre-enabling higher education collaboration;
  3. medical simulation and the rural health workforce; and
  4. environment.

Workshop outcomes

In response to the Workshop is the drafting of The Inaugural Argentina–Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop Declaration, May 2013 available in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) The Declaration outlines a new academic and productive cooperative relationship between Argentina and Australia.

A discussion blog for delegates from the Argentina–Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop will be used for exchange and dissemination of ideas and news.

More about the Workshop

View the program in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF).

View presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Workshop.