Argentina – Closer ties with Australia

Meat Trade News Daily 09 Sep 2012

JOINT projects to stimulate interest in agriculture careers are among the possible fruits of a visit last week by Argentinian university chiefs. 
Like Australia, Argentina was big in livestock but underdone in the supply of agriculture graduates, according to the University of New England’s Victor Minichiello, local organiser of the mission.

“People’s understanding of a twenty first century agriculture career is often not up to date,” Professor Minichiello said.

The visit also looked at opportunities for collaboration in IT and medical training.

The Argentinian institutions involved were the Universidad de Quilmes, Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Universidad Nacional del Sur.

Aside from UNE, the Australian institutions taking part were the universities of Sydney, Western Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, La Trobe, Swinburne, CSIRO and Victoria University.

 …Professor Minichiello said one possible project would be to connect schools and universities in both countries to promote careers in agriculture.

Another possibility was collaboration on global courseware in fields such as occupational therapy where language studies in English or Spanish could add another dimension.