Occupational Therapy Delegation

An Occupational Therapy delegation from Argentina will be visiting the University of Western Sydney and La Trobe University in 2015 (9-13 March) to evaluate the points of possible collaboration in curriculum development, practicum placements, student and academic staff exchange, and forging innovation in shared coursework development. Discussions will also be held with Occupational Therapy Australia and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. During this intensive visit the delegates will familiarise themselves with the OT programs offered by the relevant Australian and Argentine universities, identify points of mutually beneficial collaboration that is academically and financially sound, explore joint innovative collaboration in unit delivery via on line education to reach the English and Spanish global market, and explore the opportunities such collaboration offers to the occupational therapy profession and the mission of the World Federation of Occupational...

Medical Delegation

A medical delegation from Argentina will be visiting Australia in early 2015 (23-27 March) to learn more about how problem based learning is used in medical education, how the Australian government is supporting the delivery of specialist and GP services in rural and regional communities, and see how e-health technological innovations are used to inform medical education. The delegation will visit the University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health, ANU Medical School, the UDRH in Tamworth and Coffs Harbour Health Campus as well as a private GP practice facility in Coffs Harbour, NSW. The visit will identify points of joint collaboration in further curriculum development in areas of common interest, promote student and staff exchanges, discuss strategies used for the internationalization of the curriculum, and discuss areas of possible research...

Argentina – Australia talks

University of New England  May 09, 2013 Australia and Argentina will explore opportunities for collaboration in research and innovation at the inaugural Australia – Argentina Binational Workshop, talks in the South American country this week. Leading the Australian contingent is UNE Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Professions, Victor Minichiello who believes the Inaugural Australia- Argentina Binational Workshop in Bahia Blanca is a great opportunity for collaboration between the two countries. “Australia and Argentina have a number of areas in common, they are both located in the southern hemisphere, they have strong and evolving agriculture and mining sectors, and they have growing industrial and technological sectors,” Professor Minichiello said. “We also both face the challenges of delivering health and education services to rural and remote communities. “The workshop will explore the first steps for the development of new relationships between Argentina and Australia in the fields of science, health and technology. We hope these will lead to academic exchanges, shared research, and technological programs,” Professor Minichiello said. Argentine Convenor, Dr Guillermo Crapiste, Chancellor of the Universidad Nacional del Sur, said the workshop would include the drafting of a binational action plan to develop collaboration opportunities into reality. “The binational action plan will support specific projects for the two governments to consider and to foster further scientific and technological collaboration between universities from these two southern hemisphere nations,’ Dr Crapiste said. Professor Minichiello said presenters will include academics, scientific national organisations, government officials, inventors and ministerial advisors from both countries, all coming together to explore opportunities to collaborate on projects such as Massive Open Online Courseware, science innovations in farming,...



The Argentina – Australia Binational Collaboration is a collaborative partnership between the governments, universities, national scientific organisations and the private sector in the two southern hemisphere nations.

This strategic collaboration has its beginnings in a successful mission to Australia in August 2012, where delegates from Argentina met with representatives from Australian universities and the Australian government. In response to the mission, the collaboration was developed at the successful Argentina–Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop held in Argentina in May 2013.

With the advent of high speed broadband, the ‘tyranny of distance’ is no longer the insurmountable barrier it once was. The global university sector is increasingly competitive in this new online world however it is also facilitating opportunity for strategic collaborations such as this.  The purpose of the Argentine- Australia Binational Collaboration is to identify and explore opportunities for research and innovation between our two countries with a particular focus on fostering scientific and technological collaboration.


La Colaboración Binacional Argentina – Australia es una asociación colaborativa entre los gobiernos, las universidades, las organizaciones científicas nacionales y el sector privado de los dos países del hemisferio sur.

Esta colaboración estratégica se originó como resultado de una exitosa misión a Australia llevada a cabo en agosto de 2012, en la que representantes de universidades Argentinas conocieron a los representantes de las universidades y del gobierno australiano. En respuesta a esta misión, la colaboración se desarrolló en el marco del Taller Binacional Argentina – Australia, que se realizó en Bahía Blanca, Argentina en mayo de 2013.

Con el surgimiento de la banda ancha de alta velocidad, la “tiranía de la distancia” ya no es la barrera infranqueable que fue en el pasado. El sector universitario mundial es más competitivo en este nuevo mundo en línea y, a la vez, facilita la oportunidad de una colaboración estratégica como esta. El propósito de la Colaboración Binacional Argentina – Australia es el de identificar y explorar oportunidades de investigación e innovación entre nuestros países, con énfasis especial en promover la colaboración científica y tecnológica.

Bienvenidos al sitio web que refleja el trabajo entre Argentina y Australia rumbo hacia una sociedad de colaboración entre los gobiernos, las universidades, las organizaciones científicas nacionales y el sector privado en el ámbito de ambos países.

En el marco de una exitosa misión a Australia llevada a cabo en agosto de 2012, representantes de universidades de Argentina conocieron a los representantes de las universidades y del gobierno australiano. Como resultado de esta comisión, se concretó la colaboración en el marco del Taller Binacional Argentina – Australia, que se realizó en Bahía Blanca, Argentina, en mayo de 2013.

Este sitio web ofrece información sobre los antecedentes y los acontecimientos más destacados del proyecto de Colaboración Binacional Argentina – Australia.

Argentine mission to Australia

Argentina’s mission to Australia took place in August 2012. The mission was supported by the Program for the Promotion of Agentine Universities of the Secretariat of University Policies, Argentine Ministry of Education. Read More.

Workshop Declaration May 2013

In response to the Workshop, and of particular note, is the drafting of The Inaugural Argentina–Australia Binational Bahia Blanca Workshop Declaration, May 2013 (PDF) that outlines a new academic and productive cooperative relationship between Argentina and Australia, available in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF). Read More.

Identified projects for collaboration

Two initial projects, supported by the Ministerio de Educacion Presidencia de la Nacion for Argentina Universities, have been identified for collaboration:

  1. Development of a shared courseware in Occupational Therapy
  2. Telehealth joint teaching.



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